Tuesday, 30 October 2018

so grateful!

Hello Everyone!
"Week of Anything goes"
Creating it and Loving it!
​using the amazing October Gather Kit
full of awesomeness
beautiful colors, amazing patterns
featuring Pink Paislee, Pebbles, and Clique Kits
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Autumn is the second spring where 
every leaf is blooming like flower
shimmery glittering leaves 
the orange skies
blooming hearts
welcoming love 
tasting friendships 
and creating memories.

Life as they say it good on the patio - the beautiful wooden frame stickers 
by pebbles is simply awesome, cherishing the golden memories and 
calling in cool breeze filled with the laughter of those days.
The gorgeous paper with the text is a cherry on the top highlighting the 
hidden emotions and taking us on a walk down the memorylane.

The beautiful paper collection by Pink Paislee - Auburn Lane is speaking Autumn, 
glowing with its amazing color pallate and beautiful elements. 
It indeed is one beautiful collection calling in the 
Autumn memories, golden moments and 
revisiting forgotten friendships

This gorgeous paper by Pink Paislee featured in Auburn Lane collection
is amazing with its amber wash highlighting in the golden moments 
that blossomed and spread its fragnance across our hearts.

The beautiful Auburn Lane Empheras pack by Pink Paislee is full of 
amazing elements apt to document the wonderful Autumn memories.
with the gold foiled touch it adds in oomph factor the creation, simply wonderful.
Fantastic time with the lovely friends for forever it is!
We thought we were just having fun, enjoying the moment
 never realised we were creating memories.
The memories to be treasured, and documented only to be re-lived again.
An ever blooming collection a must have to document your autumn stories.

Let there be fun and laughter!
Smile a mile!
Enjoy and live
Always and Forever!
Keep documenting your memories,
Cherishing it! 
Have an amazing week.
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Clique Kits - October - Gather
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Vellum w/ Copper Foil 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Ephemera 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Cardstock Stickers 
Pebbles: Jen Hadfield Patio Party Wood frame stickers

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