Monday, 15 October 2018

Love : Home!

Hello Everyone!
"Week of Product Focus"
Creating it and Loving it!
​using the amazing October Gather Kit
full of awesomeness
beautiful colors, amazing patterns
featuring Pink Paislee, Pebbles, and Clique Kits
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“There is something incredibly nostalgic and significant 
about the annual cascade of Autumn leaves.”
and all at once the summer has collapsed completely into the fall.
Lets embrace the change
and let go of what doesn't serve you anymore.
The beautiful paper collection by Pink Paislee - Auburn Lane is speaking Autumn, 
glowing with its amazing color pallate and beautiful elements. 
It indeed is one beautiful collection calling in the 
Autumn memories, Pumpkin pies and 
Orange skies.

Its good to be home! 
be surrounded with the loved ones 
treasure and cherish the wonderful memories.
Home is where the heart is!
A beautiful collection"Auburn Lane by Pink Paisle is 
prepping you all up for the autumn fun.

Those untold summer stories have been burried deep in the orange of autumn 
lets open our hearts and accept the change, lets love more and enjoy the little things
cherish Love and dwell in the now.
The beautiful floral apha thickers by Pink Paisle 
featuring the Auburn Lane
 is a cheery on the top bringing in the spring fun.
 Along with highlighting the wonderful  
Pebbles: Jen Hadfield Patio Party Wood frame stickers 
complimenting the mood and setting the tone right for the month

The beautiful sequins by Clique kits is adding in a little fun to the 
creation by showing the sparking glorious memories along with Auburn Lane collection by pink paislee beautifully complimenting the mood. Letting you know life is full of amazing glitzy things, we must cherish these moments and create memories. Love more and enjoy the things.

Let there be fun and laughter!
Smile a mile!
Enjoy and live
Always and Forever!
Keep documenting your memories,
Cherishing it! 
Have an amazing week.
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Clique Kits - October - Gather
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Vellum w/ Copper Foil 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Thickers | Amber 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Ephemera 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Cardstock Stickers 
Pink Paislee: Auburn Lane - Wood Frames 
Pebbles: Jen Hadfield Patio Party Wood frame stickers

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